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Lice and leg mites

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I picked up one of my birds today. Shes a new layer as in less than a week she started. She was walking funny. I looked at her skin she has the lice the brown or yellow type not the red mites (thank god) *knock on wood* we have had this problem once before so ill buy frontline. I have to have our branches cut so they cant roost in the tree than i can treat them they have been free ranging in my backyard as there pen is being...slowly redone. So they got it from some wild bird. Anyways my questioj is this. I have at the least 40 birds. If not 50 max. How do i treat the leg mites? Will the frontline work? Or what method do i use. I have permethrin to spray in there pen and d.e. dust. Is there something i can say dose there water with. Or whats the best method? Some arent that bad. Others im not sure as they dont let me too close. As is i will have to dose with frintline at night yet again lol. Whats your method you have used for scaly leg mites?
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Are you seeing the mites on her skin or on her legs?

One method of killing scaly leg mites would be applying oil or vaseline to the legs. Since you have to catch them at night, that may be one of the best methods since you can hopefully "paint" the oil on the legs while they roost at night.

If they are on the skin - lice/mites, then poultry dust is generally your best option.

As far as frontline I cannot say whether or not it is safe to use on poultry, you will have to research the active ingredients and make a determination whether or not the ingredients would/could be absorbed into the skin/eggs/meat.

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The lice i saw was on the skin. The leg mites i dont see but know they are there due to the way the legs look. Ived used the frontline for the lice before it worked great.
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If painting with vaseline or oil (which basically smothers the mites that are living in the scales) is not possible for the SLM you may want to look into products made specifically for SLM in poultry.

You may be able to find one made for poultry online through a pet/feed supply or on Amazon.

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