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Different breeds

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I am new to being a duck owner and man has it been an experience so far. I'll save you the sad story but basically we lost 5 out of 7 in the shipping process 😠💔 Anyway, we went down to the city and got two more "pekin" ducks to start our flock. Just recently, we realized that they are actually buff ducks! So now, we have 1 Cayuga female, 1 male pekin, and 2 buffs (and I'm pretty sure one is a male).
My question is simple. Is it okay for these ducks to be in the same housing? I'm concerned that they will breed and we will have some hybrid ducklings. Is that okay? The original plan was to have 3 pekin and 1 Cayuga with ONE of the pekin being a male. So naturally, I'm a little freaked out now 😨
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If they are the same size they will be fine. Hybrid duckies are the cutest - we have cayuga/pekins and they're adorable, lay great, and have no health problems!


Keep an eye on the drake with the other breeds and make sure he isn't being rough with the girls who aren't the 'same' as him. They can be picky like that. But if they're all the same size and the drake isn't too aggressive with mating (some need a higher female to male ratio for some reason), everything should be fine!


If you have two males, you may want to either rehome a male or add more females.

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