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Diagnosis & Treatment Advise

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I have had 2 hens dies with similar symptoms as shown below.

Pale comb, runny poo then they die.

I have them Apple Cider Vinegar a few days ago but was out of town so just today gave them Wazine in their water

Any ideas?

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Sorry for your loss.

Can you take a fecal sample to the vet to have tested?

They should be able to help determine whether it is worms or possible a bacterial infection.

Any other symptoms besides pale comb - not eating, not laying, lethargic, etc?


If you have another one pass in the mean time, I do recommend that you send one for necropsy to help identify what is the cause, so hopefully it can be treated.


Poop Chart:


Worming Info:


Where and how to send for necropsy:

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She is eating & drinking. I am not sure if she is laying as I have 50 hen and it is hard to see who is laying or not.
Thank you for the links.
I am going to see about getting the poop tested.
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