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egg bound or vent prolapse?

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Shes not acting sick at the moment,

shes walking around once in a wild but dust bathing a lot. shes drinking and eating, she doesnt look "uncomfortable" but shes just in her nest a lot struggling to lay her egg, i gave her a bath and tried to massage around her vent but i dont think i did anything, i lubricated the area as well.

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Not a prolapsed vent. Is she a new layer?

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No shes been laying for almost 10 months now :o

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How long has it been since her last egg?

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Not sure, i have 5 chickens and i only for 4 yesterday, so i mean she could have missed one yesterday as i found her in the nest late last night so i'd say shes probobyl missed a day already if not, just this going day.

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If she's not acting sick, I'd just leave her to her business. I've had girls take 3 hours of sitting before they finally laid. She might be working on passing a double yolker.

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thats the thing, im not sure if shes just having toruble or if i should worry, shes been acting like this since last night, but im not completely sure she laid her egg yesterday i have 5 chickens and i only got 4 eggs i can only assume she skipped but i mean i dont know D: Hopefully she will pass it by tonight. just worrying D:

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Ive had some hens in the past skip 2 days so don't worry just yet. One of my pure breds only gives me 4 or 5 eggs a week. Remember a egg takes over 24hrs to form so they lay later each day untill they finally skip a day. If she starts pushing constantly or has white stuff coming from her vent, walks like a pengine or acts odd then be concerned. Just keep a eye on her.
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thanks i will! 

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I'm just worried I made things worse cuz I went looking for the egg in her vent and I didn't feel anything. And still no egg. My uncle said she's been like this since early yesterday afternoon D:
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