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Pressure Regulator Question

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Ordered a 5lb pressure regulator from BeakTime LINK HERE


I am curious how to install this properly. Currently i have a 5gallon bucket with a float valve going to 4 nipples. i then have a pipe going up that is higher than the bucket to release some of the pressure. i still seem to have more pressure than needed / reccomended because when i activate the nipples, it sort so streams out and not just a drip or two. i have a Ragu Sauce plastic jar with a few nipples in that and they just drip when activated and not spray. 


so, with the regulator, do i need the breather or no? cant i just put a cap at the end of the pvc.. by the way i am using 1/2 and i have had to seal each nipple multiple times.. i think i will change to 3/4.. should this help?


See the picture below. coming in from the left is a pipe underground from my water line at the house. i have a shut off valve with a garden hose on it too, which is used to clean things. pretty nice. what i am thinking of doing is feeding a line back out the coop for an outside set of nipples.


i want to be sure that when water goes through the regulator that only 5lb is inside it and that i do not need a breather line like i currently have.. or if i am wasting my time all together?


side note.. the red is where i added a pcv pipe.. the water line is about the height of the top of the word Lowes


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one more question.. how would i hook up something to add a few drops of ACV into the water lines every month? i have read that it acts as a natural dewormer. we also feel them tomatoes, which does the same.. am i right?

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Figured it all out..


no need for a breather. just used 4ft piece from regulator for outside and another runs inside the coop. all set. this is also adjustable. 


all problems resolved, wished i would have purchased sooner! now if i can just get the older chickens to use the **** thing! 

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Hello tha5150,

I didn't understand your solution: "4ft piece from regulator for outside and another runs inside"

Can you clarify what you meant here?


I'm hoping to use the BeakTime pressure reducer for my Bell watering system...

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first off, this all needs redone. i had a few attempts to this solution and worked with what i had to test to work properly. so this is all temporary and will be much nicer but same concept..


so, water comes up from ground, through the regulator from BeakTime then splits for a 4ft pvc pipe with nipples on the outside of the coop and another one on the inside. basically this is so they dont have to go all the way inside to get water. down the road, i will move the one outside to the area they spend most of their time, or just add another. 

Let me give you some advise on this regulator. the blue part has an adjuster. 1/4 turn is about what i needed but it takes time to build the pressure when you are setting it up. so set it and go grab a beer or clean up the mess or something.. start at the furthest nipple and release the air and then work in. you will see what i mean. these are so nice, cant believe i didnt  find it before! Good luck! let me know if you need more pics. 


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