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Sick Flock

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My mature hens are not doing very well and now my rooster is doing strange things with his head. The Hens ALL have diarrhea with a chalky white substance sticking to back feathers, egg production is down I have 23 hens was  getting 19 to 20 eggs a day but we are now getting 6 to 8 daily. We were gone 10 days and they did seem stressed got back late last night, checked the girls this morning and the seemed starved so we fed them they had food they wanted scratch and layer pellets. The roo is stretching his neck out and pulling it back over and over He won't let me near him So I need to go catch him and see if I can determine what's wrong.? 

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Did you leave your flock without nobody taking care of them ? How long they didn't have anything to eat /drink ?

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I would get everyone drinking vitamins and electrolytes in their water. Give it with a dropper to any in bad shape. Did their water or feed become empty? Were they kept any differently while you were gone?
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My son fed and watered them for us( He is a man). They ate about a  normal amount of time I leave the food hanging in a feeder above them to keep mice out. I made sure they could reach food. I realized after being back they are molting but they do seem off, today one black and white

 one acts like she is dizzy. The roo acts ok now He wasn't crowing the day I noticed the head movement he is crowing again. I will start electrolytes, I am not sure if the water went dry but I would say no we filled 3 metal waterers at least 6 gallons each. Then when my DD  got home she started checking on the my son started working nights, So she took over the week before our return.  It had been nice sunny a little warmer but then turned cold (snow kind of cold) Here in our part of WY spring is wet snow extension of winter. Thank you for your help.

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Going out to check on them again

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Had my son feeding and watering plus we added extra water stations, The round ones. Then when my daughter came home a week before us she took over flock care. After we really looked they are Molting,  And in need of toes being trimmed on the one I thought was limping she had a lot of dirt in her feet. I gave them fresh water with electrolytes and vitamins in it. I also got their feed to feather fixer they have perked up a lot. I went through my keepers journal and they did the same thing, only no molt That's why they looked so ragged.

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Today it was sunny and warm in Wyo. all chickens were out side. Everyone came for the grain treat, they stayed outside all day came in when it started to cool down. The Roo is crowing,  The limping one had lots of dirt in her foot, After a foot bath she isn't limping.  All are doing better,   They just seem happier more at ease. Thank you for your help, Oh I looked at the chicken poo site and I don't think they have diarrhea just stressed. It has been 3 days since we got back I have made it a point to be out side with them a lot today. Then when I came in, most of them would line up at the sliding glass door to watch me through the glass. chickens

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