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My Coop Build

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Hi All,


This is my first post on the forum but I’ve been reading articles for a while and have gained a lot of insight.  I am almost finished with my coop build and thought I would share it with you all and offer the inexact building plans I made.  Much of the measurements were adjusted on the spot and the rafters/gable ends were done in place so I don’t have plans for those.  But if someone likes the coop and is interested in a starting point they’re welcome to the plans.  Let me know what you think of the coop!


Wall framing plans (again, I only used this as a rough guide and didn't take lumber diameters into account, if you use this plan make sure you verify measurements)


One of my shepherds with our 2 week old chicks (8 weeks now)


Raised 2' off ground


Covered in vinyl for easier cleaning (my other shepherd checking on the progress)



I framed the walls in my shop and then brought them out to assemble




Shepherds think they got a new house


Painted, rafters ready to go up


Roof framed


Open soffits covered in hardware cloth for ventilation



Gable vents for ventilation






Chicken ramp, shutters, pop door and nesting boxes

Cleanout door


Hanging nipple waterer and PVC 90 "no waste" feeder


I still need to shingle the roof and nesting box roof and add some more white trim but its weather tight and the chickens are living in there now!  Pretty much everything I learned about chickens and whats needed for a coop was learned from this website.  Such a great resource!

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looking good! can i get more pics of nesting boxes? how you continued after the 2x4 "main" part? thx!

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Here are a few more pics, let me know if you need something else in particular.  Theres plywood on the base and plywood siding on the outsides.  Angled roof with hinges on the top.  The wall framing for that side is 16" on center so each nesting box is divided at each stud by putting a piece of plywood from the back of the nesting box to the stud and pin nailed to the stud and blocks added to the back wall of the nesting box.  The entrance to the nesting boxes from the coop is currently covered as my chickens are only 8 weeks old at this point, but on the inside there is a 1x3 that runs the length of the nesting box to keep nesting materials in and to help birds get into the boxes. 





End siding and roof hinges

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