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full crop

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I have a 4 week old chick.  It seems that her crop isn't emptying overnight.  Yesterday for 12 hours I only gave her water and Olive Oil. Then would massage her crop.  It doesn't seem to have helped. then yesterday afternoon and all day today all I have fed is Yogurt,  Hard boiled eggs, and  rice along with olive oil.  I don't see any change but my main question is should I still be giving her grit?

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I would say yes on the grit, and then i would say with holdfood at least overnight, preferably around 12 hours. Give her access to water and massage her crop at the start of the "fast" and several times throughout.
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I did withhold the water and did massage her crop several times in the last 48 hrs. There doesn't seem to be any change. She is eating and acting fine. I am new at this and don't know if i am missing something. Someone had mentioned red wine
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I would aim for one long stretch without food but WITH water and massage. But if the chick is acting totally normal, is pooping normal and moving and eating and drinking, it might just be a little glutton who loves having a full crop!
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Thank you for your input.
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