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Lice, Mites or ??????

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I have 4 hens and this girl is the only one with missing feathers.


She has not laid for several days.


I looked and did not see any bugs.


I don't think its the other girls as she is number one Hen.


Any Ideas?


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I might be way off base but that looks like a very swollen vent?
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I would use a disposable glove, and lubricate a finger, then insert it 1-2 inches inside the vent to feel for a stuck egg or an obstruction or hard droppings. Make sure that she is drinking plenty of water. If you feel an egg, give some ground egg shells or a calcium tablet or Tums in some yogurt or food. Soaking in warm water can help an eggbound hen lay an egg, unless the hen is very sick.
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Thanks for the reply,


I have given her some ground up Oyster Shells and Tums in some yogurt this morning I was planning checking her vent for an obstruction (egg and hard droppings) when I got home from work, however she laid and egg today.


She has not been acting any differently.







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Hopefully, the swelling has gone down since she laid the egg. If the swelling was not due to an egg or hard droppings, she may have something else wrong, such as a tumor or ascites (fluid collection in the lower abdomen.) Ascites can occur from heart failure especially in meat chickens from their rapid growth, but also can occur from infection, egg yolk peritonitis, and liver failure. The fluid can be drained off occasionally to relieve pain and pressure on breathing. Here is a little about ascites to read:

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Thank you for the information.



She is acting normal, eating, roosting, have not noticed any issue with walking and laying (she has laid 2 eggs in 3 days)


If I can locate a Vet that will see her I may take her in. (I don't feel comfortable draining fluid)


This is a more recent picture.



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