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My Chicken has a plugged nostril

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My Chicken has a badly plugged nostril. The nostril is now huge. I was shocked when I saw it. It is a solid mass like a rock but not a rock. It won't budge. How do I help her.  Oh course she's my favorite. Help. Kate

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Welcome to BYC. Get a warm wet wash cloth and apply a warm compress to her nostril while you hold her for ten minutes. Then use some QTips and hydrogen peroxide, and drip some onto the nostril to soften it further, then use a toothpick to dig it out. This may need to be repeated. This is rather common, and is usually from feed getting stuck.
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Thank you, I have been trying this method but it won't soften up. The 1st try I soaked off & on for about a half hour, did peroxide, the tooth pick. It wouldn't even make a scratch. I'll keep trying, looks bad & uncomfortable not to mention she can't breathe. It just won't budge, it's like rock. Kate
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It might be time to try a vet. This sort of thing is rather common, but there could be something else going on in the nostril.
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