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Chicken Scald? Treatment?

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Tonight I noticed this on one of my Buff Orpington's legs. I think its scald but I'm not really sure. She also has Scaly Leg Mites. For that I usually dip the legs in warm water, gently brush white vinegar with a toothbrush on her legs, and I then apply Coconut Oil or Olive Oil with Cayenne Pepper mixed in. For the last few days I have applied only coconut oil though and I've skipped the warm water and vinegar parts of the treatment, due to busyness.


Any ideas on what caused this? If so, what treatment? Thanks.


Below I have some pictures I took this evening.

 I drew a red outline over the red part of the foot. There is a bit of pinkishness in between the toes as well, but not like that raw red color.


Thanks for the help.

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I think that it is fine as long as she is not in pain, I'm gonna go ahead and assume it is a hen since you said she, but a roo usually will have red on their legs in that area between their toes and a little on the bottom it shows they are healthy.

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Yes Friendly (chicken's name) is a hen.

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as long as it isn't painful to her I wouldn't worry about it.

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Thanks. She doesn't seem to be in pain.

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