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pls help my rooster is hurt bad

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I came home to find my rooster in the middle of our backyard field laying down but when I checked to see wer he was hurt it seem like the animal he got in a fight with had him by the neck. he doesn't have anything bloody wounds. but instead he cant hold his hold I don't know wat to do I took him inside in a warm blacket comfort his body. but he seems to jus close his eyes and jus breath as he is sleeping I don't know if he will make the night . pls help anyone pls help my buddy

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check very carefully for hidden wounds: BB pellet, teeth marks. if he is in shock i would suggest a warm, quiet place. heat towels in the oven if it helps.
little else can be done. but i would definitely
search for the scene of the crime for blood, paw prints, etc. check the fence for a hole. check for bad feed or something dead and rotting like a field mouse or rat. bury it deep. don't let his sacrifice be in vain. find out what happened if at all possible.
keep him safe, warm, and comfortable. if he makes it overnight he may very well recover. i have come home to such a scene. it is heartbreaking. best of luck.
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thank you for replying yes me and my father checked wear he was hurt and we found little bite marks on his neck but they arnt deep but did bruise him alil . I wrapped him up with the shirt I was wearing and took him to my room and layed him on my sweater . all hes been doing is breathing and opening his eyes when he hear me walk in or out the room . yes the evidence we found was incredible that u could tell he faught to his best all u saw was his black and green feathers and the chickens werr spreaded out hiding . it was hard find them especially at night so we ended up seeing the animals eyes I gues he came back but by the time my father could take his smith & Wesson out he was gone. another thing is one of the hens wings look hurt but she seems to be ok my father also checked her but the main concern here is buddy father was saying he was going to die I jus didn't want to lose hope cuz I know he to tough to go down over some wounds but who knows only time can tell

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Did he make it? Did you make sure to have water (with electrolytes would be awesome) and feed right near him so he didn't have to expend much energy to get to it? Poor guy! Sounds like he is a great rooster to protect his flock like that. I lost the best rooster ever to a similar scenario. I hope your guy makes it through.

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