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Hen with bare spot

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I have a barred Rock hen that has a bare spot below her vent. I noticed that there are little white spots at the base of her feathers, I have heard these are mite eggs. I have spray that helps get rid of them so I sprayed that on her. I've also been spraying all hens with that once a week and using seven dust every once in a while in their dust bath, and completely cleaned out their coop this spring. So I am not sure where the mites are coming from, if someone could explain this to me that would be great! I didn't see anything crawling on her just the eggs. I also put Apple cider vinegar in their water.
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Here is an article on mites and lice ~

Keep treating to keep them at bay and try to keep your coop as clean and dry as possible. You could put some Vaseline around the lice eggs to stop them hatching. Lice are very quick so as soon as you part the feathers to look they are off at lightening speed!! So even though you can't see them they will more than likely still be there. The trick is to try and break the cycle of them. A good dust bath for your birds is also essential.

Good luck eradicating them fl.gif
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Thank you this helped a lot. I sprayed one last night and this morning there were less eggs. I went ahead and put Vaseline on her and on other hen I noticed them starting on. It's not severe by any means but I would like to get rid of them and prevent them from now on. We had one sick hen get them and had no idea what they were since this has been our first full year with hens and ever since then they pop up under the vents and I try to catch it early. We've been doing the seven dust, clean coop regularly, just did a whole coop clean out and sprayed it and seven dusted it, change boxes and put herbs in them. May have to go with a more medicated route I guess. I've heard frontline for dogs works, has anyone else used this before?
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