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My chick won't poop!!!!

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So I have this chick she is only a couple days old, I don't know the breed. Anyways she was fine two days ago, but as of yesterday I noticed she was sleeping more then the others, and wasn't eating or drinking unless I made her. So I thought I should bring her inside to keep a closer eye on her, and I noticed she peed a little bit she hasn't pooped in 12 hours.
I've tried putting her in warm water, and massaging it.... But I don't know how or where to massage her!
I know it's not pasty butt, because she doesn't have poop coming out of her.
I have gotten up every hour on the hour to make her drink lots of water and eat a little bit of food.
In her water I put molasses, because I've heard it is a natural laxative, but still no poop
She is breathing heavy and every now and then, she chirps
I don't know what to do anymore can someone please help me???
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Welcome to BYC!


Is her vent clear?

When you say that she "peed" what was it that came out?

What type of food are you giving her?

Make a wet mash out of her chick starter - wet her food with a little water to let her eat.

Hold off on the molasses, if you feel you must put something in her water, you can put some chick vitamins/electrolytes in it.

Make sure she is not too hot and has a way to get away from the heat if necessary.

Let us know how she does.

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Thank you for your help but unfortunately she didn't make its he died a couple minutes after... but yes her vent was clear
What came out was yellowish liquid
And she was on chick started
Next time though I'll be sure to do the vitamins in her water.... She wasn't exactly mine, I was looking after 45 chicks and a couple roosters and hens, but I've been noticing that the chicks keep dying. A lot have birth defects as well
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I'm sorry to hear that.


Can you post photos of the brooder set up?

Vitamins/Electrolytes may be helpful.

What birth defects are you noticing, were these incubated/hatched onsite or are they from a hatchery or breeder?

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