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Sick baby Turkey. Help!!

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I purchased two turkeys at Atwoods yesterday...they were both fine and very lively. When I went out to the barn this morning to check on everybody the smaller of the two appeared to be really weak...It's now almost dark here and I have to make her get up and walk...when I do make her walk she walks...just very slow and not more than a few steps and than she lays down. She is also having a hard time keeping her eyes open. When I pick her up and hold her close to my chest she lays her head on me and closes her eyes. What could it be? And what can I do?

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Are you keeping them warm under a brooder lamp? I would get some electrolytes with vitamins, such as SaveAChick and put it in the water. Give her some with a dropper as often as you can today and tomorrow. Sugar water, pedialyte, or Gatorade will do in a pinch. Check the vent opening to make sure that it isn't pasted up with droppings, and keep it cleaned. I hope the chick gets better, but shipping stress sometimes is hard on chicks and poults.
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