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So heartbroken!

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I am so sad! My husband let my children & I buy some baby chicks not even two weeks ago, we obviously fell totally in love! The kids even have their own babies. And guess what? Out of the blue he decided he don't want to be married anymore! What the heck!!?? WHY would you allow us to acquire these babies, fall in love & spend the money if you were going to rip them from our hands!? Not to mention that they themselves are living, breathing, feeling little babies! Now they have to be uprooted! I'm SO MAD! :hit:somad


I'm not really ready to let them go, I figured I would let them get a bit older then I would tackle the rehoming issue. 

They're only going to be two weeks old on Monday the 2nd & Wednesday the 4th. 


How do I do it? Craigslist? How much do they "go" for? Oh my gosh I am SO sick to think someone might eat them! I got them for pets only and the eggs were just going to be a perk. 

I have a Dominique, Marilyn that is SUCH an awesome bird! I taught her to jump on my hand and now any time I get in the brooder she HAS to be on me. She loves to snuggle too. I'm so sick! 

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I'm so sorry.

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We have way to many roosters. They are picking on the hens and stuff. Now I had raised these fellas from baby chicks too and of course I have fallen in love with my pretty birds. I'm so afraid that once I sell someone might eat them too. I guess you just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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Beautiful hens. I was sad when my Hen died last fall she was almost 12. Her last sunmer I would take her out of tge coop and I cared her around the yard turning over the rock so she could eat a worm or too. I miss her so much. Mine are family members too. When I loose one I am sad. So I know how you feel.
hugs and prayers sent...
I hope you find them a good home.
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Sorry for your situations. I'll say a prayer for you and the children. So sad.
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I don't quite understand why you have to get rid of them. And IMO he was planning on not wanting to be married far in advance. To you it is out of the blue but not for him. I say keep the birds it will help the kids with everything that will be going on. And I am sorry he is putting you through that.

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Well some truth came out. We will have the house we are in for 2 years in Sept, he said he KNEW BEFORE we bought the house. That is sick. Who does that? Why not just do it then? When we owned nothing, rented & owned two cars. Now there is a home and 2 new cars! WHY create this mess? Pretty dumb if you ask me.
I will most likely be pushed to an apartment that is why. There is financial things with the house & cars, sooo...
Wished I could keep them. I am heartbroken, my daughter is SUPER heartbroken and my son has not touched his since their father told them and he then realized we have to rehome.
Such a mess. So sad for the little cuties too. Why even let us do this? Blah.
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:somad That is a totally rotten thing of him to say/do. I don't understand how someone can treat and do that to another person. I am so sorry. Just don't let it get you down. Be the awesome woman you know you are and show him that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and he has lost out on a good thing. Actions speak louder than words.

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Aww, thank you! I can not lie, I had my part too. But the difference? I was HONEST! When I started feeling unsure,I went right to him. Put it out there, okay how do we fix it? He said he wanted to. I dunno.
Honestly, I am totally over the "who did what's", let's just figure this stuff out so we can move on. He forced my hand awhile ago to mourn our relationship, so I really did not cry over losing him. I cried for my children, fur babies & money. I am disabled and do not get a lot. I am in wth am I gonna do mode?
I also had decided I am not going to let him knock me down. I have children looking to me for guidance. What good am I to them if I am curled in a ball crying? None. I need to show them what strong is. THEY are the #1 concern in it all.
I am just glad they SAW me trying. And trying again to make things good. I won't talk crap about him, to THEM...only hurts them then they'll hate me. I have & will leave it to them to make up their own minds. And they will.

Okay. Sorry for unloading! lol Not too typical of me!
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