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Ameraucana roo??

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I'm almost positive this is a rooster. 7 week Ameraucana.

Wide comb, red and larger wattle that the girls (different breeds) a week older than "her".
I know this isn't the best photo.
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That's not an Ameraucana. It's a Golden Laced Wyandotte, and I do think it's a cockerel.
Ameraucanas have slate blue legs, beard, muffs, pea comb, and they don't come in that color.
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I have been wondering about that lacing! I have one that I bought as a GLW. Here she is, bottom of the photo. With the one in question above her.
Now, I am thinking that maybe I mixed them up because they looked very similar for a couple of weeks!! Thoughts?
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It looks likes you did mix them up. Something I would do. smile.png Do you have a better picture of her?
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This is the only recent one I have of her feathers. The one above is the GLW and the "Ameraucana" that came home together the same day.

The lighter chick has always had that marking around her eye so I didn't mix them up after they came happened immediately. Crap!
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I've never had any Ameraucanas, but it looks like she could be a Brown Red. I don't see much of a beard yet. Where did you get them?
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All 7 came from a local feed store called Burns Feed, in OR. They are shipped there from a hatchery in NM.

I'm sure I switched them now after looking at more chick photos....such a simple thing. The one in question is definitely a GLW. I won't be keeping it once it crows. I'll be on the look out for a blue/green egg to see if they actually gave me an Ameracauna. She does look like photos I've looked up. Glad that she isn't a cockerel. I'm glad I came here to get myself thinking and you asking the right questions!! Thank you!
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No problem. Glad I could help! A lot of hatcheries claim to have Araucana and Ameraucana chicks when they're actually Easter Eggers though. I don't mind because I don't show. I just appreciate the colored eggs!
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