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I have 3 Rhode Island Reds about a year old, as well as 13 various younger chickens a couple months old. A couple of months back, my dog caught 2 of the Rhode Island Red chickens. I got to them before the dog killed them. One of the chickens limps now, and the other wheezes. It may be she wheezed before the dog attack, and I just didn't notice. I thought it would heal if it was a result of the dog attack, but it hasn't. There are no other symptoms of illness. I don't notice her wheezing until I pick her up, at which point, she begins to wheeze. She's not struggling to get free, and seems content to be held. In fact, she runs to me and squats when she gets to me. I usually just pet her while she's on the ground, but if I pick her up, her breathing seems labored. Anybody have any thoughts on what's going on with her? 

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Welcome to BYC. Wheezing can be a sign of a respiratory disease, but she also could have stridor, which is a partial obstruction of the airway or trachea. That can be from dusty feed getting into the throat, much like humans eating something that causes us to cough. Look inside her throat with a flash light for any usual tissue, yellow patches, or a foreign body. If she clears  and only does it occasionally, I probably would worry. Look for any mold in the coop and run, since that can cause aspergillosis, a chronic respiratory fungal infection.Here is a good list of common diseases including the respiratory ones:

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