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My hen has bright green poop

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Hi, u all might know me from having Picachu from "sour crop". Her sister Elizabeth, have bright green poop!? I checked her for sour crop sickness and etc. she is perfectly fine, she eats normally, drinks. She has a rooster named "Little man", idk is him matting with her, little man is the NICES rooster ever!!! And I love him so much, u can tell I am obviously a 15 year old, but I know a lot about chickens, maybe not ALOT ALOT but I know stuff about chickens, and I am just worried about her sister. Any Help??
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Is she eating grass?

When birds eat mostly grass their poop turns GREEN  LOL

Wow your 15!!!



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Yeah she eats grass, cu her sick sister that died had green poop too and I was worried about her pooping green, and yah u am 15 almost 16! lol.png
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She has green poop stuck to her butt, and her feathers get puffy, and her butt was like infected abit cuz of her pooping and it getting I study her plucked out feathers, from the sticky bottom. Any help
I checked her for sour crop and she is fine
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