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Chicken walking like a penguin

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I have a chicken who is standing erect. Her tail is dragging on the ground. Her wings are not tight against her body. She seems healthy otherwise. At least eating and drinking and going outside to forage. It looks like a serious skeletal problem that came on suddenly. Could be an injury, but she does not seem to be in pain. Or maybe she is, but I don't see it.
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She sounds like she has a lash egg. This is caused by an infection of the oviduct. It is a serious condition. Be on the lookout for a soft shelled egg, or a weird egg-shaped wad of waxy pus. You can take her to an avian vet, who might be able to offer support like draining fluid from her abdomen.
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She could be eggbound. If you look it up it tells you how to check and then treat it.
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