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The Animals of our local Shelter

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I've recently started working at our local Humane Society and it has already been, after only a few months, one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I've always loved dogs (and all other animals) but getting a chance to help them (and of course the busy staff) is such a great feeling. So many people do so many great things there, its nice to be a part of such a selfless community that not only helps the animals but are there to help each other too.


Right now we are actually pretty busy as far as the number of dogs we have. Mostly I do walking, since it takes up so much time so while staff does vet care, adoption, feeding, ect, I spend most of my time taking the dogs around the field where we walk them and cleaning up after them.
Each dog is so unique and, in their own way, so sweet and beautiful (okay, some are a real pain, but they are still special :P). Many of them have health and behavior problems, but that's just all the more a reason to try to help them because so often it is hard to find a good owner who understands what it entails to take in a dog who jumps a lot, barks a lot, pulls on a leash, has special dietary needs, ect. Every time a dog goes to a good home it is so awesome, but often people don't do the right research and one of our dogs is returned soon after adoption. At least they are coming to a place that gives them the exercise, health care, food and love they need until they can find their forever home.


Anyways, just wanted to share some pictures and stories of the dogs we have here (we also have cats, but since they don't need walked I don't get to spend as much time with them). I just love talking about animals (maybe rambling a little bit, but that's why I like talking to animal people about it, so my poor family don't get their ears talked off), and I hope you enjoy seeing these awesome guys.


If the picture quality isn't the best its because the only camera that fits in my pocket is my brother's old Ipod. It works, but I can't say its the easiest thing to use. :rolleyes:



While it is pretty chilly I'll admit this photo was taken some time ago when it was actually snowing. Piggles was one of the first dogs I ever walked at the shelter. I call him Pigs for short and he has finally just recently been adopted, after months of waiting. He is such a sweet, well-behaved little Pug mix, but I think his older age threw some people off. He isn't unhealthy or anything, but if I remember right he is around 7-9 years of age estimated.


The second dog I ever walked, this hound-dog mix, sweet as could be and also older in age, is Digsby. I called his Digs for short and he was a great deal of fun to have around. He too was adopted, which was nice because he was prone to starting up barking riots with his excited baying. He loved walks and would bark whenever anyone entered the kennel, asking to be let out to spend some time with us. He also LOVED treats and sometimes would nearly take your hand, but his soft lips helped make up for that. :)


I feel bad for forgetting this pups name, but I can remember how playful he/she was and how cute! Too young to be let outside until vaccinations were complete, the little guy (or gal) got to spend time with me in the connections room, cuddling and playing with the toys.


The two Pomeranian x Chihuahua mixes Simba and Nala. Simba is on the left and is darker with a "mane" of fur around his neck and a very sweet disposition. Nala is awesome also, but she tended to be a little bossy towards her older friend, especially when she wanted attention and not him. The two were so tiny that you could walk both at the same time without any problem. Nala was the more out-going and sturdy built of the two, but Simba was a sweet little guy who just enjoyd treats.

The two were adopted (I'm pretty sure together) not long after I started volunteering. They wouldn't sit still so the pictures aren't the best.

Here is Nala, happy to see me and asking for some cuddles.


Oh yeah, here's my little man Donny. Donatello (or as I called him Don, Donald, Donskoy or Donny Osmond) is a little Pit puppy who was so full of energy and playfulness. He stayed for a while because of an eye issue that needed surgery and he got bigger with age (I'll probably have more pictures later, since I finally downloaded them onto my computer I'm a little behind). Anyways, Donny had iron muscles even at a young age and large paws and when he got excited he could make it difficult for you to get the leash on him, but he was a sweet-heart. He finally got adopted not too long ago after months of waiting for a forever home.


Karmin (I like to call her Karmin San Diego) is another Pit Bull and one we still currently have actually. Again, rock solid muscle but completely sweet behavior. The only reason she is difficult to handle is because she is SO STRONG. She is like a bulldozer, she could knock you over without even meaning to she is so strong. She's also huge compared to some of the Pit and Pit mixes we have. She's a gorgeous color though.

It took Karmin a while to be adopted because she was being held for Heart-worm treatment. She is out now finally and we have had some interested inquiries.


Karmin LOVES to roll in the tall grass in order to scratch her back. Pure bliss to her.


Sweet little Pit/Pit mix Lavender, unlike Donny and Karmin, she was easy to handle and walk and not nearly as rock hard and bull dozer like. She also had Heart-worm and so was in treatment for a while before she was put up for adoption. It didn't take her too long, as her gorgeous brown eyes and brindle coat would win anyone over.


This incredibly handsome big guy is Blackie, a black lab mix (probably some German Shepherd in there). He didn't last long before adoption, probably because of his shiny black coat, sleek body, and long legs.


Here he is, the big man himself, Delmar. Delmar is another Pit but he is smaller then Karmin and truly loving. He was held for a while due to a rash/sore on his neck (hints why he has no collar). However, it healed all up and he got adopted and renamed Rocky. He is also pure muscle, like a doggy body-builder. He was in the connections room in this photo, looking at the window.


This hound-doggy as here from the first day I started. A Coon Hound of some sort, Plucky is so handsome to the eye but had issues with energy. He was sent back a number of times, including once for breaking out of his crate and jumping out a glass window to chase a cat. I welcomed him back with some walks, treats, and love and he got adopted out in the end, hopefully to a wonderful home that understands that his strong hunting instinct.


And last for now is this little mix breed girl who did not want to pose for a picture. Willow is her name and she was full of energy. She's a little thing, though it may be hard to tell, with a curly tail and nice soft coat. She was adopted out after being spayed and I'm sure is making someone a great pet.



Thanks for reading. I'll update soon. :)

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Some of the follow-up pictures of the dogs from above. :)



Good ol' Donny, coming over to say high. You can see where his eyelid hangs down, which is why he needed surgery on it.


Piggles, sniffing around to see what new smells there are to find. I'm thinking he was probably a Puggle (Pug x Beagle) because that was a common mix a few years ago (he's an older dog) and because of those hound-like ears of his.


Here's Plucky, using that coon-hound nose of his to find some scent-trails of his own. I love his pattern, some red flecking and then bold patches on his neck and back as well as of course over one eye.


Delmar after he started to heal up. A nice handsome dude he is, sleek coat and sturdy build. He was able to wear a collar once his neck sore lessened.

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Thanks for sharing the pictures and a bit about the dogs you've taken care of at the shelter. And thank you for taking the time to work with them!


I enjoyed your posts, keep them coming!

Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


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Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!


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I couldn't help but share another picture of Digs as he hopes for a treat from my pocket. :)


Not the best picture, since his nose was to the ground, but this here is Hunter. Hunter was a Lab x Australian Cattle Dog mix if I remember correctly and was somewhat older with arthritis issues, as well as being a little over-weight. However, he was very sweet and easy to walk, a nice break between all those dogs who just wanted to run. He got adopted out and I'm sure is making someone a wonderful companion.


Angus didn't stay long at the kennel that I know of. I walked him once and that was it. He is a beagle and his young age and handsome looks must have won someone over quickly. :thumbsup


Della is also an Australian Cattle Dog with nice thick, soft hair and pretty red legs, blue-grey on her face and tail, and black on her body. She is a sweet-heart and generally pretty good on the leash and around people except that when she gets energy built-up inside of her then she starts to nip and bite at you to try to herd you, especially if she thinks you aren't running fast enough or in the right direction. I had to work with her on that and hopefully her new owners are as well, because she was adopted out recently.


Annika, a little terrier mix of some kind (she acted like our Maltese mix very much), Annie had the energy of a terrier that was for sure! She would whine, cry and shake with excitement to go out on a walk and when she was outside she would hop around joyfully, prancing her paws and standing up on her back-legs. This adorableness must have been the reason she got adopted relatively quickly, hopefully to a place where she gets lots of cuddles and walks.


Ilene is actually a dog we still have! She's a Hound dog x Great Pyrenees mix it is believed, though I don't really see where the curly tail comes into all of it. Though she does tend to bay sometimes like a hound when she gets excited, all and all she is very sweet and gentle for her large size and excellent on walks (not pulling on the leash). She isn't as large as a Pyrenees, but she still has huge paws and some drool issues at time and I'm worried her hips may get bad just because of the funny way she walks with them. It's kind of fun to watch though. :P


Another dog who wouldn't pose for his pic, this dude is some sort of mix, maybe with some Beagle or Shar Pei, his name is BJ. When I first saw BJ he had just been neutered and was curled up and shaking in his crate. I thought "poor little sweet guy, so calm and scared". Nope, that's not him at all. As soon as he was over the surgery he got right into his CRAZY hyper self with jumping and barking and pulling and straining and going this way and that like he couldn't make up his mind. BJ is still at the shelter with us, but because of his smaller size I'm thinking he may go pretty quickly.


This little Chihuahua is Chico. He just came in a couple days ago and does not officially belong to the shelter yet, so I didn't get a chance to walk him. However, I did talk to him and he seems like a sweet dude and he looks very healthy, not too small or delicate.


I'll try to add more soon.  Thanks for reading. :)

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love.giflove.gifsmile.pngsmile.pnglove.gif: love lol so cute
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There's always so many dogs in rescue shelters.

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I'm surprised sometimes how many dogs are turned in as strays and not owner surrenders. They often aren't in that bad shape as far as weight, parasites, or behavior and some even were recently given haircuts. It makes me think that people might have reported them as strays because they felt bad about turning their dog in. There is no need for anyone who can no longer keep a dog (for any reason) to feel guilty. It is far easier on the owner and dog alike if there isn't stress involved in the relationship.

We gave away one of our dogs to our aunt and uncle because she was fighting with other members of our pack to the point of trying to kill them. She is very happy there, has another dog for a friend (her daughter actually), and we sometimes pet-sit her (she doesn't attack them now that she is fixed). Sometimes a new home just leads to a better life for the former owner and for the dog, and certainly the new owner loves having a wonderful companion to spend their life with. :)



Goldie, a short-legged mix-breed with some arthritis issues. She looks like she may have some Golden Retriever or possibly Lab in there. She was adopted out but did come back for a couple days to be boarded so I got to walk her again and say hi.

You can see here that her leg was shaved fro surgery. I'm not really sure what kind but from what I heard she had issues with her legs due to being over-weight. She is now in good shape and doesn't seem to even limp. :woot


Zorro (I call him Z) is a Black Lab mix that we currently have. He is a big dude with TONS of energy and the ability to nearly jump out of his pen (none of the other dogs can even get close). I'm working with him to help him learn not to play constant (and I mean CONSTANT) tug-of-war with his own leash to try to get you to go faster, and he is making progress, but still gets impatient if you walk instead of run.


Here are some pictures of him playing with the leash. He means it all in fun, but sometimes he almost gets your hand while going for the leash. His size and energy mean he has been here for some time with no one trying to adopt him. He would be a wonderful hiking or jogging pattern, is sweet and smart, very handsome with a sleek black coat and long legs, and he knows sit for a treat. He just needs someone willing to give him at least an hour of exercise a day.


Sabreena has been adopted and renamed Piglet, but is still with us until the owners come to get her. She is a Boston Terrier mix (either with a Pit Bill or a Bulldog). She has a lot of energy but is a sweetie at heart and knows how to win you over with her adorable pleading eyes. As soon as you let her out she shows just how muscular she really is in nearly dragging you out the door and spinning in circles while waiting for her leash to be put on (and twisting your fingers off while doing it). She is also strong enough to jump into your arms!


She is funny as far as proportions go because her head is like half the size of her body and when she runs it looks really funny. She is solid like a rock but knows how to give the most gentle looks ever.

You can see here how oddly shaped she is. She looks even stranger in real life. However, I think the unique look is what won everyone over with her. I mean, those ears are just awesome!


And this little guy is another bulldog breed mix of some kind. He's just a pup and came in when he was still giving little puppy cries (he probably should have been with his mother a few weeks longer but was fully weaned). His name is Tank because of how large his paws are and I'm sure he'll be a tough looking dude when he gets older, but personality wise he is completely sweet and gentle and just wants cuddles.

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I think if you're going to get a pet that you should always try to adopt, there's so many animals out there who really need a good home. We should look after the ones who are alive first before bringing new lives into the world.

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I certainly agree with that.

Or else whenever someone buys a puppy they should adopt it a friend. So many people buy/adopt just one dog when two is so much more fun in so many ways and the dogs enjoy it way more too. If everyone who owned one dog adopted one more then there probably wouldn't be any more dogs in shelters.



Wow, I didn't even notice I chose all dogs with the same color. :) We currently have all three of them with us at the shelter right now.


Logan is a mix-breed who came in badly wounded on the back of his head. he was bleeding with a face so swollen he looked like a shar pei. I remember walking him when he wasn't feel so good and how slow I had to be so he wouldn't run into anything. I thought that was his personality. By did I get it wrong. He is so bold and proud of himself, he thinks he is the man. :) He's a handsome dude with a lot of energy but not too bad as far as jumping or pulling (compared to Zorro that is).


Here he is, excited about getting to go on a walk.


Logan sniffing around the buildings heating and cooling systems and showing of his lean, handsome figure.


Briana (I call her Bree) may look similar, but she is, number one, a girl and, number two, about half Logan's size. Briana is an energetic but friendly little girl who is practically good in every way from what I can tell. She's also black and tan, like Logan, but has no white on her neck and paws.


Briana by the dumpster fence, where all the dogs like to mark.


Briana by the creek that runs by the field where the dogs are walked. She wouldn't sit still for a good photo, hints why she is sniffing in most of them, the only time she would pause.


And lastly there is little Grady. Grady is a hound-dog mix (I think with Border Collie in there) and is probably the sweetest, gentlest little guy I have ever met in my life. No joke. He was begging to come out, and since he was too young to go on a walk I took him into the connections room and he just curled up beside me and let me pet him the entire time. I noticed he was shaking some and his surgery site looked sore (he was recently neutered) so I gave him some extra cuddles and then got a "cone of shame" on so he wouldn't reopen the wound.


He wasn't so sure about the collar, but he took to the cozy blanket and gentle pettings with great happiness. I'm not sure if he will be adopted out when I return the day after tomorrow or not, but it would be kind of nice to know that him and his brother found some great homes that will give them all the cuddles and hugs they want.

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