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Depressed Rooster! Help

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I rescued my roo BBQ with his "sister" Teriyaki last summer, they were very happy until poor Teriyaki was snatched by a fox.  We were all heartbroken, especially BBQ!   He was SO depressed!  So, I then got two hen's (a large farm was rehoming) thinking they would keep him company.  Having Honey & Glaze has helped BBQ & they all live together in their coop and do fine, the hen's generally stick together but they do hang out with him sometimes....long story short. 


We just got 8 chicks, which stay in their own coop & have a totally enclosed outdoor "play area" far, just a slight interest from the hens or BBQ.  BUT the last few day's BBQ is so sad, doesn't even want his peanut treats, sits alone, doesn't run to see me when I call him, has this sad far away look in his eyes.  I think he is eating & drinking but not like he normally does, he seems healthy...Idk much about chickens, he & Teriyaki were my first.


Please, any advice is appreciated!  Wondering if the arrival of the chicks has caused this recent sadness!

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Welcome to BYC.

Can you post  a photo?

What does his poop look like?

What type of foods/treats do you normally feed?

When you say he sits alone, is he sitting a lot, laying down, does he stand with his tail down, etc.?

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