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Chicken Concussion??? HELP

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Hello- my chicken, Beakers has been VERY wobbly lately. Yesterday, my sister put her in the outside pen. When I went to make sure all the chickens were inside after dinner, Beakers was still outside. She is never still outside after dinner. She was laying down, as if she were on an egg, so I picked her up and scooted her inside.


When I got back in the barn a minute later, she was on her side, her wing was out, and her neck was bent in a strange position. She looked dead, but she wasn't. She wasn't bleeding either. When I picked her up, she walked incredibly wobbly and would not lay in a natural position - something was clearly wrong. Her head was a little pinker than usual, and her feathers were ruffled up. She didn't try to escape at all when I picked her up. Normally, Beakers has trust issues, since she was picked on due to her cross beak when she was younger. She also is having a hard time keeping both eyes open.


We put her in a separate bed in warmer spot and are spoon feeding her ground chicken food mixed with water, and water through a dropper. Beakers has a reputation as a crappy pilot, so could she have hit her head flying? I am really worried. What should I do? Is this a minor problem? Will it go away? She's my best friend and she can't even stand straight. Thanks.

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Does she lay?

Could be an egg stuck.

I would give Nutri Drench and B vitamins on the tongue 

and Pedialyte. 

And like you are doing quiet and warmth.

Eggcessive knows about all the vitamins.

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First thing is first.  Isolate her away from your other hens just in case she has something that could spread to the others.  This means not in the coop with them on the off chance that it is respiratory and can spread by way of air.  Next, get some save a chick or the equivalent to it to see if it helps.  Without evidence to a head injury, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion of a concussion.  It is more likely an illness of some sort. 

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Beakers died today at 7:30.
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Oh, I am so sorry. 

Do you have any idea as to what may

have happened to Beakers. ?

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