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Comb discoloration

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Our rooster's legs were injured and feet became infected. He is on his second round of oral antibiotic (Baytril). His comb is now becoming discolored a shade of blue. He is lethargic and sitting in his enclosure. What is causing the discoloration and what should we do? The vet is not available until Monday.
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Can you post any clear pictures? How were his feet injured? Was there any frostbite? Is he eating a drinking? He may need some extra warmth if he is very ill. Add some electrolytes to his water, and try to get some into him with a dropper or syringe. Offer him some chopped egg, tuna, or anythung he likes, in addition to his usual feed.
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Thanks for your prompt response. When the sun shone on his enclosure the comb returned to red color. So I'm guessing he was a little chilled. I'll offer some extra food items. Do you purchase electrolytes or make your own as an addition to water when chickens are ailing?
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You can make homemade electrolytes--recipes are on line if you Google TheChickenChick, or you can use Pedialyte or Gatorade. I like to keep some vitamin-electrolyte powder in my first aid box, since they are easy to find at most feed stores. On hot summer days with temps in the 90's, I will sometimes use them in the water to help prevent heat stress.
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