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Coop Plans For 13?

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Hi, we're looking for coop plans or maybe prefab kits for our flock of 13. I've been looking all over but can't seem to really find any. Our current coop is way too small and with a new group of chicks I'd like to get a bigger coop up soon. Thanks from Eugene!
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You have come to a great place to get lots of information.


This is the absolute best place to start looking at ideas.


For 13 you will of course have to take into account how much time they will spend in the coop. Where I am at it gets really cold in the winter and there are times when we have a lot of snow. I had to take that into consideration when we made our coop.


Some breeds do not like being confined and will need more space then others that are fine with limited quarters. What breeds did you choose?


When I had 15 large hens the 8x8 coop was to small for them. They had fights and showed signs of stress.


Prefab coops for 13 (advertised to hold that many) will actually comfortably hold about half that. For what they cost you would be better off getting a shed kit and modifying it.


I built one exactly like this in the yard for storage. It does not come with the floor or shingles but was easy enough to do with all the precut parts. I think our total came to 1100 with the 3/4 ply floor and shingles to match the house. Adding windows would be easy as would adding ventilation for chicken housing. If you are reasonably handy and have a helper to handle the heavy parts it goes up fairly fast.


If you look around you may find one on clearance that was a floor model too. Those I would have delivered of course as they are assembled.


That is my best advice on a coop to hold that many chickens.


Wishing the best for you and yours,


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I am not a newcomer per se. I've been coming here for help and questions with our flock for years. But have decided to make an official profile. We're excited and now at a place where we even feel comfortable giving out tips and advice. So we're very happy and thankful to have the world of BYC at our fingertips.

We live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest. It doesn't get exceptionally cold in the winter and not exceptionally hot in the summer. We don't have acreage but we have about .25 of an acre that we let them free range on. And they only are in the coop to sleep. So we have the room for a decently large coop and have been wondering if the shed idea might be a better idea for them. Thank you for the advice.
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You are welcome.


I am glad you made a profile and joined us officially.

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