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Quail sick

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I'm a newbie. I have a 5 week old coturnix quail that has been losing feathers (a lot) and recently appetite has gone down (not fighting for yummy foods), I was feeding 24% crumble, and 26% gamebird feed, occasional earthworms, bugs, veggies, seeds etc.


This morning I found her laying on her side, she can't seem to get up even though she's trying. After a few hours, now she's laboured breathing (dropping head and swinging all the way back for one breath). The poops have been normal, every now and again after lots of veggies their stool gets a little loose, but nothing crazy. Her poop today is dropping out of her (liquid clear/green). 


I've force fed some boiled egg and water to her to get her energy up (which seems to be helping), she's bright eyed for moments and wants to get up and move, but can't, she struggles on her side, flaps her wings and falls over everywhere. 


My other quail is 100% fine, super healthy and big, great appetite, normal poops, she seems to not want to leave the others side and will lay with her (it's sad).


I was thinking poisoning???? I had a houseplant near their housing that seems to be picked at (over a week or so ago). But wouldn't poisoning happen quite quickly after ingestion? 


I cannot find any info on feather loss and her other symptoms...... Her feather loss is a crazy amount (she' snot bald, other feather are coming in too), no  mites/lice. They're strictly indoors and have their own spare room. 


I keep their cage immaculately clean, they have two runs (one with sand) and other one is pine shavings with a dust bath.

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Hi, I wouldn't feed your quail earth worms they carry parasites called gape worm. The poo you described from your quail is because it hasn't eaten. Bugs from the garden aren't a good idea. My quail are kept indoors and I had one mysteriously die after eating bugs from the garden so I never give them bugs except mealworms now and never live as the quail tend to get toe pecking habits. It is possible that the plant made it ill i suupose though if it's poisonous.Other than that I don't know what could be wrong with it sorry.
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I appreciate your answer. I will stop with the earthworms and other bugs except meal worms bought or raised.

Poor girl looks like she is gasping for air but at the same time very alert. Kind of looks neurological.
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Hmm They would eat bugs in the wild. I don't know, I think it might be something else. Are you taking her to the vet?
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Not open on Sundays. I'd need to wait until Monday to find a vet that deals with quail.

Here is the one quail gasping on each breath
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There are many things it could be. Perhaps it's just genetics. Do you use any kind of chemical sprays on your grass/plants? what plants do you have growing there?
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Hmm, I'm trying to post pictures but it's held for review. I'm in BC Canada, so normal grass in the backyard, well kept. No fertilizers since last fall.

The house plant she nibbled on was an arrowhead...
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arrowhead? They're poisonous to birds :[
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Well they're toxic, I don't know if maybe it built up in her system, but it's also pretty toxic to humans.
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Does it count if it was a weak ago? Will it kill her do you think or just make her sick?
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