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Coop/run photos

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Hi everyone - I'm new to chicken ownership and I'm loving it.  Our coop is a repurposed unused dog house a friend had custom built. His dogs never used it and he wanted it out of his yard.  It's 4' X 7', with a solid insulated bottom.  We place it on a bed of solid concrete pavers mainly because it's too dang heavy to try to lift up on risers.  We had it altered with a chicken door, large clean out doors on the side, 2 roosts and 3 nesting boxes.  There is 4" venting along the entire width in front and back. 


DH built my run 7' X 12'.  It's entirely enclosed in hardware cloth which he ran out 12" on the ground and covered in granite rock to predator proof it.  Covered the top in polycarbonate roofing - some clear and some opaque for shade.  It's close to our raised box gardens and we thought in the fall we could put up a little temp fencing from the run to the garden and let them clean it out for us.


Any feedback for improvements are appreciated!



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Looks very nice, good job!  You were lucky to get the neighbor's custom dog house.

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