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Wobbly Chicken

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Hi everyone

I finally got my trio 3 weeks ago from a reputable breeder. Sweetie Pie, Honey Bun & Punky Popcorn are Miniature Bearded Silkies, they are cute little balls of flufff, they are adorable and make my heart melt! 


I am feeling rather sad  as there seems to be something wrong with Honey Bun she keeps falling over. Monday she was a bit wobbly, Tue she  would wobble over and try and balance with her wing, Wed she will run on the grass then topple over and find it difficult to  get up. She can't walk or hold her weight without falling over.  I have read that these symptoms could indicate Mareks Disease but am praying that is not that. She is eating, drinking and poop is fine.


I Have been to the vet and he thinks that it is physical not viral, injury , vitamin deficiency or a weak chicken that has become stressed with the move.A lot of Guess work and wasn't familier with Mareks.  Hoping that it is not Mareks, but she is fine in every way apart from not being able to carry her weight. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any other possibilities other than Mareks.


I have got her on vitamins and have been giving her mushrooms for vitamin D and putting her in the sunshine when it appears!!!


The cockerel has been a bit active over the last weekend, chasing the girls around and trying to tread them, maybe he has been a bit forceful and hurt her.

You can see my video at:



PLEASE can anyone offer me any help or advice?

I could post a video if that will help


Many thanx


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The Facebook link won't work for me. How are her droppings? has she been standing around hunched or puffed up? Is she acting sleepy or lethargic? Mareks is most common in chickens between 3-25 weeks old, but coccidiosis and dehydration may also cause similar symptoms. Try to get her drinking water with the electrolytes and vitamins. Corid (amprollium) is the usual treatment for coccidiosis. Is she old enough to start laying yet? Here is a link about cocci:

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Thanx Eggsessive for your reply

She has no other symptoms other than cannot walk. She sort of props herself up  in the corner. her poop is fine, eating & drinking, very alert. Giving her Vit Boost in her water and growers pellets also mushroom for vit D. Hope it is a vitamin deficiency and not Mareks.

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Honey Bun seems to be getting better. She can walk and run around  but sometimes does a little somersault when she stops to quickly. She seems to be more balances and is not wobbling over. She is not moving around as much as the other 2 and it does seem more of an effort to her. Hoping that things will improve and she will get stronger.  

Thanx for the replys. x

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