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So I have a Buff Orpington hen who has *I assume* to be vent gleet. (No one else of 15ish hens and chickens is sick)

She shows all the symptoms that are associated with it: Very dirty stinking butt, and she liquid spray-pooped very stinky poop on my when I picked her up. VERY lethargic, fluffed feathers, but crumpled body, eyes closed, head tucked. I noted her to be feeling ill a few days ago, but couldn't clean her until today. 

She is now very clean bottomed, freshly blow-dried and is hanging out in the bathroom on a towel in a dog crate with food and water.


I also have a space heater to keep the air temp at about 80-85, as I assume that is better for recovery- a warm room?


We have been syringing her electrolyte laced water, but no interest in food. 


Her butt was not that red I didn't think, just extremely poop laden and stinky. There was/is a raised red bump or two. Some feathers are missing. 


My questions: 


1) How much water to give her? Should I maybe mix some wet cat food into a slurry to syringe that in as well?

2) What, if any cream does she need on her bum, as it is a yeast infection from what I have read. I have read Nystatin, but I don't have any. I do have human female yeast infection cream- miconazole I think it is. 

3) How long until she feels better and is eating, drinking and moving around and getting mad at us for all the handling, lol?


Thanks everyone!