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What shoud be my next step?

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I have a silkie chick that is about a month old. She's smaller than her siblings. A little while ago, I noticed that her leg was slightly sticking out to the side, which looked like the beginning of splayed leg. I have had splayed leg chicks that I have rather easily fixed with a rubber band and straw to hold their legs together, which got better within about a week and had no other problems. I did the same thing for her. After about a week, I took it off, but it hadn't seemed to work. Instead, it seemed a little worse. So I put it back on, making sure it looked good. But it still didn't work. I tried holding her legs together with other rubber bands and guaze. But none of it seems to work. Her joints look a little swollen. Without something on her legs, her one leg sticks out and its hard for her to walk. I put her in a sling today, but she doesn't like it. I have never made a sling before, but I managed to make one based off of other threads and pictures I have seen. She has available food and water.

I'm trying to figure out how long I should keep her in it and what to do if it doesn't work. What do I do next? Its almost time for them to start going outside, but the last time they went outside, one of the grown chickens got in with them and started picking on her. I know I have to do something soon, but what? Thank you!
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You may want to check out threads for slipped tendon, and try Googling links about leg bone deformities.
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She began to act a little lethargic last night before I went to bed and passed away sometime last night. Poor baby. But it was probably for the best. She looked pretty miserable. :hit

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I'm sorry for your loss. Chicks with leg bone deformities or slipped tendons are very difficult to treat.

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Thank you for your help. 

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