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Help baby chick maybe dying

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This is my first year doing chickens so I'm not sure what's going on with my baby chick. I bought her from tractor supply a couple days ago and noticed she had a red bump in her foot. The following day she started to limp and lay down after a short distance. She was eating and drinking and having bowel movements. Today she was a lot worse barely moving could put barely any weight on her foot and heavy breathing. The bump didn't not change in size or color. A couple hours ago she started what looks like gasping for air and not moving very much. Can someone please help me figure out what's going on with her I posted a couple times with no responses I just want to know what to do. Thanks
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I have no idea about her foot...but have you tried giving her some sugar water or electrolytes? We had a baby chick who was extremely lethargic and it seemed to help her pep up.
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I'll try to get some into her tomorrow. How do you recommend I do that? With an eye dropper or q tip?
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Should I separate her from the other chicks? They seem to huddle around her but not hurt her. ūüėē
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My baby chick is sick!!! It is 4 days old !!! Can't walk a lot ! Sleeps a lot and doesn't eat a lot!
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any injury? What are the symptoms?
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It doesn't have any injury that I know of, and it doesn't seem right . Eyes are mostly closed throughout the day. Every time I am near it goes straight to my fingers. But when I put it down it doesn't have balance. When it tries to walk it slips
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Hello Again...So I did a quite a bit of "googling" and the best I can come up with is "constricted toe syndrome".  However, there is barely any information out there about it.  


The site with the most information I could find was this one:


Best of luck to your baby chick.

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Everytime I'm there it goes between my fingers, every time it tries to walk it can't. It falls down the eyes are mostly closed ,
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Sorry...just saw your other posts....I used a dropper I had on hand to get mind to drink.  You could also try just putting the sugar water in a bowl and dip her beak in it.  The going ratio I've seen is 1 tsp sugar. to a quart of water.  


I think as long as the chicks aren't hurting her, she's fine.  It's probably better that way, they are providing warmth and companionship.  They say chicks get really depressed when left alone.

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