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my coop is finished!

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Oh my gosh. This was such an undertaking. I'm so glad it's done and I'm pretty happy with the result, but mostly I'm glad it's done and the chickens are out of my bedroom!


Tips or suggestions for improvement? (But be gentle, please, I'm exhausted and was in way over my head!)







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Looks great
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It looks good but I would suggest adding in some windows of some sort. It's pretty dark in there. It is definitely nice to get them out of the house :-)
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More ventilation is always good idea also. I like the nice bright colors.
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You've done a pretty good job I'd say! Do you think that the ventilation holes will allow rain to enter the coop? Without over-hangs its a bit difficult. Possibly some pvc piping slotted into the holes would prevent that?



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