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Speckled Sussex 2 wks old

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My smallest chick died yesterday morning. She was perfectly fine the day before, I didn't even have a clue she was sick until Sunday morning. I noticed she was just laying there while the others were eating and drinking. Then when the others came back to where she was laying I saw her get stepped on so I pulled her out of the cage. They all get pushed around but they normally move before they get stepped on. Then she was very weak and just got weaker. She was kept in a very large cage, a bunny cage like 4ft long by 2 ft wide with a heat lamp and pine shavings and a bin of sand on one end and food and water and patches of grass from my yard on the other end. The day before she was moving around eating drinking and pecking at the grass and the next day lifeless. I looked up the causes for death due to bad management to see if it was something I did wrong. There are 4 others in the cage all doing well, 2 small about 3 wks old and two a little larger about 5 wks. I thought everything was going great. I have no idea what happened.
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I see nobody has responded and wanted to say I am sorry for the loss.  That is not fun.  I would bet that it was just a weaker chick and maybe had hydration issues, or something genetically wrong.  Hugs.

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Thank you Grace. I'm just happy the other 4 are doing well.
I appreciate your concern.
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