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Shaking Hen

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Hi guys, I have a 1 year old hen that just twitches in the rear and wonder why she is doing this? Its been happening for about a week now.. She stopped laying 4 months ago.. I also checked if she is eggbound through the vent and didnt seem to find anything?(unless I checked incorrectly).

She eats and drinks fine.. Sometimes throughout the day she puffs up and sits in the corner shaking like this... Any insight would be helpful on how I should proceed..
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Welcome to BYC. Is there a local vet who could see her? I really can't say what might be wrong, but since she hasn't laid in months, just after starting, I would say that it may be something pretty serious. There are numerous reproductive diseases, but she could also have some other problem. Does she have any problems walking? If she should die, I would recommend getting a necropsy by the state vet. There are some rare diseases out there, and your state vet may be aware of something going around. Let us know here if you find out anything.
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