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Constipated chickie

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I am new to chickens, but do understand what pasty butt is.  This RIR chick is constipated, not suffering from pasty butt.  She chirps every time she is trying to poop.  This has been going on for a couple of days - I was hopeful it would get better with the introduction of leafy greens to their diet and also corn meal in their food.  She is able to have movements every time she tries to poop, but it is obviously painful for her and today, her bottom is a blackish color under the skin.  Also, her vent was protruding today when trying to poop.  I am very concerned.  As previously suggested, I will try gently flushing her vent.  Does anyone know the prognosis for this problem?  I realize this chickie could die from this problem, but I am worried about her timeline!  Is there a sign that it is 'too late'?  The discoloration of her bottom is concerning.

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Welcome to BYC!


Can you post some photos?

Have you provided her with grit?

Is she eating her chick starter well - is she drinking?

Encourage her to eat the chick starter, wet it to make a mash if she won't eat it dry.

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Thank you!  We were gently able to get a little mineral oil into her bottom and a small bit orally - she was able to have some larger movements.  Her tail end area under the valve seems to not be quite as large as it was yesterday, but is still blackish in color.  She is eating and drinking and seems otherwise fine.  She is eating chick starter and I am keeping the water clean.  I have not used grit, but have used cornmeal and leafy greens.


Does anyone know if this is a common issue of RIR's?  All 3 of ours are chirping with bowel movements today, but our Ameraucanas are just fine.

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I doubt it is something common in any breed.

If you are offering any foods/treats(such as greens, cornmeal, fruits, etc) other than chick starter it is always best to have grit available free choice. Grit is kept in the gizzard and enables the chicks to process (grind) the foods properly, which helps aid in digestion and elimination. Most feed stores carry chick grit.

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