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Sick chicks!

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I hatched out my first clutch of eggs using an incubator. The little giant still air brand. Since I was new and being as the first few days the eggs didn't have the right temp I just kinda assumed none would hatch. 3 out of 18 did. One died the day I brought them out of the incubator, it never fully dried out, or it did and was still gunky with one half closed eye. (i waited till the next day to remove them per advice from a woman I met at a swap) the other 2 have been lively and chirpy until today. Yesterday afternoon I put them in an empty water tub under the heat lamp with sawdust, food, and water. When I came home about an hour ago one of them had squinty eyes and acted like it was dozing off, slowly lowering its head then raising back up. The other chick is chirping at it and leaning on it trying to help it to stand. Is there anything I can do?
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Can you post a photo of your brooder set up?

How old are they now?

You can try giving vitamins/electrolytes to the chicks to see if that helps.

Also make sure they have room to get away from the heat of the lamp.

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I'll try to post a pic of the setup, but byc has something against me getting pictures on here at times lol.
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