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My hens belly/butt is drooping

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My Rhode island red (I think), has within the past couple of days started to really sag / droop badly. It is hindering her walking.
She is eating & drinking as good as ever. She is laying one a day.
The only thing that has changed is we recently stopped them from free ranging due to loose dogs ( fencing whole yard soon) and we introduced six chicks to the flock about 2 months ago.
I am looking forward to the expertise I always get from you guys. I don't know what I would do without this site
Thanks in advance
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Are you certain she is laying? This upright posture and difficulty walking can sometimes be found in hens with internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis. Does she have any swelling or tightness in her lower belly that might be due to ascites or water belly?
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The egg today was broken. Is there anything I can do to for her ? Will this be fatal ?
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Is there a cause, I mean is it something I'm doing wrong. I feed them a lot of scraps.
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Hens can have thin shelled eggs from many causes, but it helps to feed a good layer feed for 90% percent of their diet, plus have crushed oyster shell or egg shells available for them to get some extra calcium when they need it. Even with that, some will lay eggs that can break inside and cause problems. A vet may be helpful to Xray or help diagnose the problem. If you look up egg yolk peritonitis on Google or at the top of this page in the search bar, there will be many articles and threads to read about this.

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