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How much food for a two week old gosling

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Since this my first time raising a gosling, I am a little bit at a loss, and kinda confused in finding a reliable answer. How much should I be feeding my two week old Embden gosling?? If I put a little starter feed in his bowl, he eats it all, if I fill the bowl he eats it all and starts spitting it up. What would be the happy medium for the little guy?? How many times a day should he be fed. THANKS!!
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Everything that I have read about feeding goslings reccomended constant access to feed. I'm new as well though so I hope someone chimes in soon.
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I'm new as well, but I have raised ducks. I leave the feed there at all times but I know geese are much better at grazing than ducks. I get them a large dog bowl of spring mix or Arugula. I do buy they for more restaurant so whatever we don't or can't use I give to them. They are almost 3 weeks and I've given them about 2-3 large dog bowls a day. They don't eat too much of the actual feed
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Goslings should have constant access to food, as Millerchild1 says. You can't overfeed them - they grow way too fast for that.


The spitting up is not likely to mean that you overfed. Goslings sometimes fill themselves so much that when they bend down to drink, food comes out. And it probably happens more when the gosling isn't able to eat constantly - it is starving and has to stuff itself beyond capacity when food finally arrives. As long as you provide water deep enough for him to dunk his entire head and thus rinse his bill, he should be fine.

0.1 White Danish Goose - hatched April 10th 2013


0.1 White Danish Goose - hatched April 10th 2013

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Thank you for the information!!!
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Hello...I'm a new gosling owner. I'm amazed at how he/she grows bigger every day! I'm looking for information in raising her and I'd love to have other goose owners to share with. My little one is about 11 days old and is a Greylag breed. I've been giving constant access to food and water. I bought a plastic container of milk, just so I could pour it out and cut a hole in it and fill with water for my gosling! :P I buy organic feed for my 18 week old chicks, so my feed supplier gave me Turkey starter crumbles to give to my gosling because they grow so fast and need a higher protein content. She seems to eat the crumbles best when it is mixed with water and a "soupy" consistency.


I am concerned about owning just one goose and her dependence for companionship with me. I'm on disability right now but will be going back to work in a couple months. I have 2 ducks and 8 chickens so does anyone have an opinion about me having just one goose?


I would love to make a diaper for my gosling but have had a horrible time finding a pattern to follow. Does anyone know if it would be the same as a duck diaper? I created something myself but it doesn't stay on very well. I'll just have to keep trying. :idunno


Here is a picture of my sweet baby. I'm calling her Gracie for now, even though I don't know the sex. 

She just had her first bath outside on a warm day. She liked it!!

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You may get more help by starting your own thread but I'll offer what I can.
-offer lots of greens (mine eat lawn clippings in their brooder)
-be cautious about watering down the feed as a paste consistency can be harmful.
-don't feed a protein level above 15% after 3 weeks old (may cause angel wing and other problems)
-green grass and fresh water...lots of both
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Thank you for your reply, Millerchild1. It is very helpful! I just went outside for more green grass for Gracie. I got rid of the watered down feed and put in dry. I'll see if she'll eat it that way. I didn't know about changing the protein level after 3 weeks. I'm so glad I just got some sample bags of Turkey feed!


At three weeks, what type of feed should I give her? Will she still need a crumble feed or a pellet? I give my ducks a waterfowl pellet. The chick starter crumble is 22% protein. 

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