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Chick Rubing top of head on ground

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Help, one of my 8 week old chicks just started rubbing the top of her head on the ground while running in circles.
She's in a pen with 8 others, they don't seem to be bothering her, but I feel terrible for her.
I am design them chick scratch and chick starter.
One of them was dead the other day with no signs of previous distress.
Trying to post a video
Any ideas?
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That condition is known as wry neck, which is a symptom of several things such as a vitamin E deficiency, a head injury, and certain infectious diseases. Give some vitamin E and selenium, which you can find in Poultry NutriDrench or Poultry Cell vitamins. You could also give other chick vitamins in the water, and some chopped egg daily for selenium. Getting enough food and water into the chick with this problem can be difficult, and the condition can go away, but it may take days or weeks.
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Great, thank you so much for the information. I couldn't find anything online.
Il will go this morning and get the vitamins
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Your welcome. I hope the chick recovers soon. Here are a couple of articles to read about wry neck, and a thread about different people's experience with it:


Here is a videoof someone feeding a chicken with wry neck:

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