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Multiple quail pens and cages

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Anyone have several grow out pens and breeder cages and brood era outside? Would like to see pictures of some one who is pretty into this hobby
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by this weekend I'll have pictures!  One coop just wan't going to do it. The plan is to have several movable coops  in the yard with different types/colors in each.  We're about halfway done with the second and already thinking about the third.

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Post #6 is what I'm doing for our quail.  I've been following several of his videos and like them quite a bit.  I'm dong the same thing with the PVC (3/4 inch seems to be just fine).  It's very modular so I can continue to add levels as needed.


Right now I have one 4x2 cage that's divided in the middle.  In each 2x2 section I have one rooster and 3 hen.  They're between 7-8 weeks old.  They haven't started laying yet but the plan for when they do is to incubate until I have three 4x2 cages with the same set up.  And then have a fourth grow out 4x2 cage with no divider.  With the PVC it's pretty simple to just add a level.  I'll take a pick when I get a chance.  

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SEP you are seriously organized! I have a tendency to think in terms of decorating because I am forced to look at the coops everytime I go outside! 

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Bottom is the divided 4x2 with the quail.  The top is an undivided 4x2 that will be a grow out cage.  I had simply wrapped some tarp on both cages for a bit of a rain cover.  However I'll be updating that to a plastic cover similar to what you see over the PVC rabbit hutch to the top left.  I'll add this when I get to my top layer.  May also use this material underneath to catch the droppings as it would be easy to clean.


I have a solar powered spot light over each side on the bottom for some extra light.  As you can see in picture #2, it is modular so I can add the same level again and again as high as I need to go.  

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Any problems with ants with the cages on the ground?
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For me, even the bottom cage is raised about 3 inches.  I have ants around the yard but don't seem to be an issue.

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