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Wild mallard

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We have a wild mallard female in our yard - fully feathered, but appears young. She's walking around, quacking a bit, and going back and forth between our domestic ducks (who don't seem to care) and the chickens, who are curious. She has been here for almost 30 minutes just hanging around, hasn't tried to fly. She doesn't approach me, but isn't afraid of the ducks or chickens.


Is she looking for a nest for eggs, do you think? There are no other wild ducks around that I can see.


We live in the North-East of the US. Should I scare her away in case she is carrying anything infectious that could made our flock sick, or should it be fine if she just sticks around? I got a picture of her, but it's zoomed in 20 times because I was afraid she'd take off if I got too close.



She looks extremely small compared to our cayugas and pekin. But mallards are smaller than other ducks.


She has actually just flown over the fence into the pig pen and is eating some of their food so she isn't injured. I love ducky visitors!

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Feed her and let her make your home her home.    Be a  GOOD SAMARITAN.    You will be rewarded in the end.    If she is diseased, than it is probably too late anyways.      I doubt it is the case.   

WISHING YOU BEST.  :thumbsup       THAT IS WHAT i WOULD DO. :)

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If she comes back I'll definitely do so.. last night she waddled off into the woods. I wonder if she has a nest somewhere out there... it is the season!

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She came back today and was hanging out with our ducks and following them everywhere, until they ran away and hid in the bushes. Then she visited the pigs, the piglets, and the chickens, and walked away into the trees. I have this feeling she's sitting on some eggs and visits our ducks on her little 'breaks' every evening. I tried throwing her some lettuce but she just walked away nervously. She's flying around all over the place. Hope she stays safe from the fox we saw a few months ago.

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