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There isn't a vet near where I live for her to see but during the cold months she was inside with a heat lamp
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Frostbite usually occurs when a foot or toes get wet when temps are below freezing. I don't know how large your coop is or how close she was to a heat lamp, but her foot either has frostbite or a band around it that has cut off circulation. It looks more like frostbite to me. Let us know what happens. There are several threads about frostbitten feet if you go to the top of this page and enter that in the search box. Frost is one little chick in those threads that lost both feet about 2 years ago, and was living well after that.
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Would frostbite cause the toes to become stiff? It's a darker color because we have sprayed it with blukote.
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I can only see the two pictures you have posted, but the lower part of her foot looks dried up and necrotic like dead tissue. It should be stiff and she probably doesn't have any feeling in it. Please go to the search box at the top of this page and look for more cases that have pictures. If I get on my other computer, I will post some pics.
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It is dried up and I've been looking thank you so much for your help! smile.png
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Please update is on how the chicken gets along. These threads really can help others in a similar situation.

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I defiantly will!
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UPDATE: her foot fell off today. I wrapped it up an now shes sleeping inside
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I am sorry that she lost the foot to frostbite, but she may be able to get along with the stump as well as with her good leg. A little padding and vet wrap around the stump may help until the skin heals.
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Today she got around good using her wings a lot for balance but I think she will be okay smile.png thank you so much for your help!
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