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Breed mix up?

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First time chick owner here so I apologize in advance for the extent of my ignorance. We got 12 chicks the first week of April from. Local feed store. We went with 6 barred rocks and 6 black austrolorps. The last week or so though we have noticed some odd coloring on some of the chicks we thought were austrolorps. We don't really mind, just curious who might have jumped in our box! I am thinking black sex link but supposedly the last shipment of those they had a week prior so I wouldn't think they would have been so small when we got them.

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They probably are black sex links. Someone i know got 2 chicks out of the ameracauna tub. They decided they didn't want chickens and gave them to us. 1 turned out to be a Sebright bantam and the other a Rhode Island Red. LOL
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They look like Black sex-links.

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