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What kind of chickens do I have?

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I bought my chickens at Tractor Supply on the 22nd of February and their name had black in it but I forget what the last part of the name was. They were day old chicks and when I got them and had all black feathers with a touch of  white on the wings. Now they are almost full grown and they are getting some reddish brown feathers. They have black feet and beaks. The pictures didn't turn out as good as I had wanted but hopefully someone can tell me what they are.








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Black sex link/ black star?
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I don't remember what they were called when I bought them but I don't think they were called either one of those names. That doesn't mean they were labeled right at the store either. Thanks for your help.

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Black australorp. The brown feathers come from faulty stock.
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That is what I thought they may be. Thanks for your help!

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