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My hen has trouble

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My buff orpington hen is lethargic and has greenish-whitish diarrhea. Can anyone help?

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Welcome to BYC. How old is she, and how long has she been lethargic? Can you get her to drink some water with electrolytes, and try feeding her some chopped egg or tuna? Then add some chicken feed to water to make a paste for her to eat. Green and white droppings can mean that she is not eating enough. How does her crop feel? Doe sshe have any other symptoms?
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She is a year and a half and has been lethargic for several days. She haven't been eating or drinking hardly anything. I haven't felt her crop yet and her feet look weird like the bottom of the foot is peeling up a little. Not bumble foot though.
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Has she started molting yet? Feel inside her vent with a finger an inch or so for a stuck egg. Her crop would nomally be empty if she hasn't been eating, but if it is full and hard or full and puffy, that would be abnormal. Look for any tiny bugs crawling on her skin around the vent and elsewhere (mites or lice.) Has she been wormed recently? Is she laying eggs?
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She hasn't started molting yet, she did that in the fall. I will check tomorrow in her vent and check her crop. I have been bathing her with lice shampoo so that shouldn't be a problem. No eggs for several days. I have never wormed her.
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Her crop is empty, and I'm pretty sure that an egg isn't in her. She would probably be dead by now if one was, because someone said if it isn't out by 48 hours then they die.

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