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Separate when/if  fighting occurs.   Sometimes  roosters will live in semi harmony.     The top dogs let the lower rung ones know to stay clear. 

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I was just worried about the fight to see who determines whos top dog.  This may be a personal experience thing, what makes a better rooster?  A silkie or cooko maran?

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Silkie will be the lower class for sure. They are known to be more gentle.   But don't worry.   It will  not  be a gladiator duel.  If they grow together they may coexist. 

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Sorry let me rephrase it.  For a backyard flock with neighbors, what is the better rooster to have?  I'm not worried about predators, more about noise and overall aggression

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It depends on if they get along or not, some people have 2 or more roosters kept together (you also need a good ratio of hen to rooster).

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