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Deceased Wild Ducklings

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Last Saturday a Mallard Hen appeared in our pool with 8 ducklings. Looking online & local wildlife info ph line - we followed directions to let Mama duck do the job 100%, fill one pie tin with water. (Chg this out daily) and to make a ramp for the ducklings to easily exit the pool. We did all of this. Also not to shock the pool with chlorine, but any already in it wouldn't be of a harmful consequence.

By Monday the Hen was just keeping her brood under her at the edge of the pool ramp at night. Yesterday we found 2 dead ducklings where they'd all been sleeping. This am 1 more. I called the info line they told me what feed to get to put in a pie tin in their vicinity. Got it.

When I came back all the ducklings were dead , except 1 and that 1 was kind of lethargic, leg twitch now and then. Matter of 1/2 hr and then still. Just laying on their sides.

They'd all seemed to have great stamina every day, yesterday (before finding the first two) last night and then even earlier this morning - swimming and waddling around.
I know no one can know for sure, but could it have been bacteria, disease, hypothermia?
Any input?

After my husband netted the last duckling over to our planters the mother flew away immediately.
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What are your temperatures at night?  She may have not been keeping them warm enough.  

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Lately, night temps have been between 53-50.
My gut feeling is that they were in the water SO much and then just being on the edge of the pool at the top of the ramp we made, sleeping on the concrete ... Well, it just was not a good situation. I'm guessing though.
It's the first time we've had ducks in our pool. So I just wasn't sure about any of it. And the advice was so strong to, "just let Mom do her mothering. Leave them be."
Heartsick still about it.
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Could be a number of reasons but a guess would be sleeping on the concrete , sucked the heat right out of them. Curious why didn't you run mom and brood off ? Pool water can't be good for them .

They were the good old days because we were young then !
They were the good old days because we were young then !
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A few reasons.
The wildlife info phone line said its illegal to transport or try to get them relocated once there a nest.
We asked about the pool and they said that's the reason they chose your yard. It will be fine. You can restore your pool later after they fly away; but you have t build a ramp.

I am trying to learn more.

All had seemed followed and well.

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You followed their instructions you did the best you could do.  I think your right to much water and sleeping on the concrete wasn't good for them.  She may have been a first time mom and didn't know what was best for them.  I'm sorry this happened.  :hugs

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