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Silkie with bleeding bulge

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I have a tiny silkie with a bulge, bleeding a bit near where I think the umbilical area would be. Something that looked like egg yolk eased out of it a bit. These chicks just arrived in the mail yesterday and one silkie passed right away now a second with what looks like a major problem. She does not have pasty butt and had been eating and drinking just looked a little more sleepy than the other chicks. Is there anything I can do? Should  try to cover this bulge, if so what might work? I dabbed a tiny bit of Neosporin on it for now. Thanks for any help.

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I am not that experienced with chick hatching problems. I would wonder if it had part of it's yolk that was not absorbed, and it leaked out of the umbilicus. Or it could possibly be mushy chick disease. Hopefully someone else will add some information. In the meantime, can you post a picture of the chick's belly, and keep it clean with betadine.
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Thank you for trying to help. It became clear that she was going down hill  fast so I stopped researching and just held her.  This is our first time getting chicks in the mail and the silkies do not seem to have coped with their trip well. I doubt I will try this again.  :-(

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Sorry about your chick.

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