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wont roost

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Friend gave me 5 hens and a rooster 2 weeks ago and they won't roost on their poles, they are 2yrs old and he said they never roosted for him either. What should i do? They are in a nice coop pen but i dont like they on the ground.
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Are the roost poles sufficient diameter.    They should be  2 inches or larger.  I use natural tree branches in my coop. There are sections that are less than 2 inches as well.  The bark is on the branches.  I filed smooth any protruding knots.

At dusk, just take a few of them and place on roost.    Next day place a few more.   Some may develop a liking to the roosts on their own after trying it out.

WISHING YOU BEST and :welcome

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Mine are oak branches, they are close to 2 1\2 " in diameter. I will definitely try that tomorrow evening! Thanks for the advice!!
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