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Glad you were able to find some that is reasonably priced.

Thank you for sharing the pics!

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Ridgerunner said it well... You can judge if your calcium supplement method is working by how hard the egg shells are that they are laying. Feeding back their own egg shells can help reduce the amount of oyster shell they will eat... But only a little. Feeding 100% egg shells will result in overly soft shells over time. I've pretty much given up on the effort of saving, drying and crushing egg shells because the oyster shell is so cheap. I did try crushing my own oyster shells once and it was not worth the effort.
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I give mine both oyster shell and egg shells free choice. I feed an all flock/flock raiser type feed so the calcium content is much lower than if I were to use layer feed. I do agree that the quality of the egg shells can tell you a lot, but I am in the camp that is never hurts to have a calcium supplement available whether they take it or not. For my flock at the rate they are going, a bag of OS will most likely last until next spring.



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